Reactor Details

Reactor Type Model Owner Operator
Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company Limited
Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company Limited
Reference Unit Power (Net Capacity) Design Net Capacity Gross Capacity Thermal Capacity
1660 MWe
1660 MWe
1750 MWe
4590 MWt
Construction Start Date First Criticality Date
15 Apr, 2010
28 May, 2019
First Grid Connection Commercial Operation Date
23 Jun, 2019
07 Sep, 2019

LifeTime Performance

Electricity Supplied Energy Availability Factor Operation Factor Energy Unavailability Factor Load Factor
28.68 TW.h
Lifetime performance calculated up to year 2021

Operating History

Year Electricity Supplied
Reference Unit Power
Annual Time On Line
Operation Factor
Energy Availability Factor
Load Factor
Annual Cumulative Annual Cumulative
2019 5356.140 1660 3817
2020 12454.800 1660 8667
2021 10870.500 1660 7089
Performance indicators are calculated from the Commercial Operation Date.
NC – cumulative values not calculated when more than 50% of required data is missing in PRIS

Above data generated by the PRIS database. Last update on 2022-05-12

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