What is PRIS

The Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), developed and maintained by the IAEA for over five decades, is a comprehensive database focusing on nuclear power plants worldwide. PRIS contains information on power reactors in operation, under construction, or those being decommissioned. All information and data items are collected by the IAEA via data providers nominated by Member States.  

The database covers:

o         Reactor specification data (status, location, operator, owner, suppliers, milestone dates) and technical design characteristics.

o         Performance data including energy production and energy loss data, outage and operational event information.

Monthly production and power loss data have been recorded in PRIS since 1970 and are complemented by information on nuclear-power generated energy provided to non-electrical applications such as district heating, process heat supply or desalination. Information relating to the decommissioning process of shutdown units is also available from PRIS.

A set of internationally accepted performance indicators has been developed for calculations with PRIS data. The indicators can be used for benchmarking, international comparison or for analyses of nuclear power availability and reliability according to reactor type, country or worldwide. The analyses can, in turn, be applied to evaluations of nuclear power’s competitiveness compared to other power sources.

In 2009 the new web-based PRIS-STATISTICS reporting system was developed, making PRIS reports globally available online. Global and plant specific reports and graphs are created in a few mouse clicks. An integrated mapping system is also included.

PRIS is available to both the general public and registered users as follows:

o        The PRIS public web site (https://www.iaea.org/pris) provides information on PRIS and global nuclear power reactor statistics to the general public.

o        PRIS DAVA (https://pris.iaea.org), for registered PRIS users only, consists of:

o        Data Acquisition and Validation Application (DAVA): used by PRIS data providers for inputting data on their nuclear power reactors to the database. The data provided is verified and approved by PRIS administrators before being used in PRIS reports.

o        PRIS Statistics (PRISTA): A web-based reporting tool used by registered users to produce reports and statistics from PRIS.

Two official Agency publications are produced each year using PRIS data:

o        Nuclear Power Reactors in the World, published since 1981 as RDS-2, is one of the IAEA’s most popular annual publications. It includes specifications and performance history data of operating reactors, as well as reactors under construction, being planned, or reactors being decommissioned.

o        Operating Experience with Nuclear Power Stations in Member States, has been providing comprehensive information on nuclear power reactor performance in IAEA Member States since 1970. The publication contains information and performance data for all operational power reactors. In addition to annual information, the report contains a historical summary of performance during the lifetime of individual reactors and figures illustrating worldwide performance of the nuclear industry.

Customised statistics as well as PRIS demonstration and training can be prepared and delivered on request sent to the IAEA.