Power Reactor Information System (PRIS)

About PRIS


Since 1970, the IAEA has been collecting and publishing data about the world's nuclear power plants. In order to facilitate the analysis of power plant performance and to produce relevant publications, the data were computerized in 1980, and the Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) was implemented. Since then, PRIS has been continuously updated and improved and it now constitutes the most complete data bank on nuclear power reactors in the world. It has been widely used and today constitutes an essential source of information on nuclear power.

Information on Nuclear Power Plants

PRIS covers two kinds of data: general and design information on power reactors, and information about operating experience with nuclear power plants. General and design information covers all reactors that are in operation, under construction, or shut-down in IAEA Member States, and in Taiwan, China. Data on operating experience cover operational reactors, and historical data cover shutdown reactors, in IAEA Member States and in Taiwan, China. In these areas PRIS is considered the most complete and authoritative source of statistical data.

PRIS makes it possible to easily identify individual nuclear units and their main characteristics, and to determine nuclear power development status and trends worldwide, in regions, or in individual countries. The IAEA has compiled information on additional technical characteristics. It covers items related to the mode of plant operation, safety characteristics, safety features, existence of safety analysis reports and of emergency plans, and the plant environment, for example. This additional information on plant characteristics provides a better overview of plant design and mode of operation.

Data Analysis

In order to assess plant performance, indicators are used. PRIS provides information on availability and unavailability factors, load factor, planned unavailability factor, and unplanned unavailability factors due to causes at the plant and externally.

Outage analysis provides indications on the reasons for a plant's unavailability. Statistical analysis, as well as studies of individual units or utilities, can provide indications about problem areas and what remedial actions and measures can be applied to achieve performance improvements. PRIS provides data in support of such analyses.